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Gala Uzryutova is a Russian poet, prose writer and playwright. The author of photo projects, interdisciplinary art projects. Texts were translated into Deutsche, English, Slovenian, Latvian, Italian, Lithuanian, Chinese, Ukrainian.


Was born in 1983, in Ulyanovsk, Russia, graduated from Ulyanovsk State University, Faculty of Culture and Art.


The author of the books:


1. «Turned around, and there was a forest», poetry (Russian Gulliver Publishing house, Moscow, - 2015);

2.  «Sasha Country», Young Adult (KompasGuide Publishing house, Moscow - 2019). The book was filmed by the Vega Film Company. Filming took place in 2021 (director, screenwriter - Yulia Trofimova; actors - Mark Eidelstein, Evgenia Gromova, Maria Matsel, Daria Rumyantseva, Dmitry Endaltsev, etc., director of photography - Yegor Povolotsky, production designer - Sasha Antonova, producers - Katerina Mikhailova (Vega Film), Konstantin Fam). The world premiere of the film The Land of Sasha took place in 2022 as part of the 72nd Berlin Film Festival (Generation 14+ program)

3. «The snow I missed», prose (Bookscriptor, Moscow, - 2018).

4. Gala Uzryutova. All the names are occupied, but one is vacant. - Poetry translated in English by Canadian poet Stuart Ross and the author. – Proper Tales Press, Canada, 2021.


Literary awards and cultural scholarships


  • Laureate of the All-Russian short story competition "Weather for tomorrow 2022", organized by the Russian Literary Institute

  • Winner of the Moscow Modern Art Museum "Garage" contest on self-isolation texts and visual materials (2020)

  • Laureate of the Russian-Italian literary prose award "Rainbow" (Verona, Italy, 2019)

  • Scholar of the Goethe-Institut "Culture on the Move" Programme (2019)

  • Laureate of the European Theater Translation Network drama contest Eurodram (2018)

  • Laureate of the Prose literary award Bookscriptor 2018

  • Diplomat of the literary award named after Dmitry Gorchev (2017)

  • Laureate of the International drama contest «Badenweiler 2016»

  • Laureate of the Blagov poetry award (2016)

  • Finalist of the Russian-Italian literary award Rainbow (2015, 2017, 2018)

  • Laureate of the special poetic award «Russian Gulliver-2014»


International Writers’ Residences


  • The International House of Writers and Translators in Ventspils (Latvia, 2017)

  • The International Writers' Residency "Writer in the park" in Ljubljana, the program "Ljubljana UNESCO City of Literature" (Slovenia, 2018)

  • The International Virtual Writers' Residency in Nanjing, the program "Nanjing UNESCO City of Literature" (China, 2020)

  • The International Virtual Writers' Residency in Melbourne (Australia, 2021)

A Member of the Moscow Writers' Union.

The plays became winners, shortlisted in the drama contests «Actors», Voloshinsky contest, «Eurasia», «Lyubimovka», «The original event - the 21st century», «The first reading», etc. The plays were staged in Kolomensky folk theater, read in the Teatre.doc, the Meyerhold Center, the School of Modern Drama Theater, The Enfant Terrible Theater, the Big Dipper Theater, the Kolyada Theater, the Belarusian Drama Center, the Aparte Theater, the Bulgakov House Theater, the Liteiny Theater, the Ulyanovsk Drama Theater, The Russian Academic Youth Theater and others.

In 2019, the author’s poem participated in the UNESCO Literary Cities Videopoetry Marathon on The World Poetry Day. In 2018 participated in poetry readings in Berlin at the project „auslandSPRACHEN – DIE WOSTOKREIHE“. In 2017, worked in The Writer and Translator House in Ventspils (Latvia), and in 2018 – in the writers' residence in Ljubljana (Slovenia) as part of the program «Ljubljana - UNESCO City of Literature». Participant of the Russian-German project «VERSschmuggel 2015» (the Goethe-Institute and the Berlin Literary Workshop project), participant of the Literary Festival in Heidelberg 2016, participant Russian-German project Shots / Stories 2012-2013 (Robert Bosch Kulturmanager project). 

In 2016, the author’s poems took part in the UNESCO Literature Cities Exhibition held in Iceland during the Reykjavík Reads Festival (photographs for the project by the artist Julia Uzryutova).

In 2017, a short film created in collaboration with the artist Julia Uzryutova was shown at the Small World Film Festival in Bradford (United Kingdom).

In 2019, Uzryutova’s poem Namoloto, a video sequence created by artist Maria Zhvankova and video editor Nadezhda Korchagina, was demonstrated in the video poetry festival Cadence (Seattle).

In 2019, the author was awarded a scholarship of the Goethe Institute's Culture on the Move Program: Regional Mobile Fund in Eastern Europe and Central Asia – author’s monoplay "Dummerchen" translated by Tatiana Hoffmann was presented for the first time in German at the Atelier Theatre in Stuttgart (directed by Vladislav Grakovsky, actress Julia Mary).

She translated poems by Canadian poet Stuart Ross and poems by New Zealand poet David Howard from English into Russian.

In 2021, she participated (online) in the Ronda International Literary Festival (Leiria, Portugal) and an international online exhibition on the occasion of the opening of the Manchester Poetry Library.

The author of the idea and the curator of the International online exhibition “A City as a Writer’s Workplace” (2020), which includes 100 photographs from authors from around the world telling about places where they like to work on texts. Co-author of the interdisciplinary project Pages from the River, implemented in collaboration with the artist and translator from Melbourne, Mark Wingrave. Part of the project was published in a special issue of the international art-magazine SOANYWAY, dedicated to water (2020).


Also the author of the concept that considers poetry as an animal instinct. It isn't only about rhythm and sound, the feeling on the tongue, but also about the state in which writing is going. According to this concept, a poem can't be controlled to transfer and save initially pledged, otherwise all originally pledged disappears and is replaced by the language. This conception is focused on breaking the mental superstructure and touching the original – the physical, as the most faithful of the first reaction and perception. Her poetry book «Turned around, and there was the forest» has become a kind of experiment, it is divided into three parts. The first part of the "Forest" - is a poem from the belly, a man lives in the forest. The part "Out of the Forest" - poems from the mind: people came out of the forest, and the language instinct became the main thing for them. Part 3 "Songs from the forest" - the poems of the border state. The book shows how all these parts are different. If there is no logic in animal poems (they are full of chaos and unconscious), then the poems from the mind are structured and logical, they have a clear focus.

The author also actively explores the theme of landscape mentality in poetry and texts. In particular, the poetic project of the author, made in Slovenia in 2018, was devoted to the sound mentality of the area – to the analysis of poetry and local sounds interrelation.


Publications: Grand Tour. The Anthology of European poetry, composed by Jan Wagner and Federico Italiano. Carl Hansen Verlag, 2019. - Germany, World Poetry book «Poetic Encounters» (Heidelberg, UNESCO City of Literature and Fabriano, 2018), Esquire, the literary magazines Arion, October, Modern Drama, Berlin.Berega, Gvideon, Colon, Volga, Simbirsk; Russian-German anthology VERSschmuggel (2016); a collection of «Best Plays - 2015»; Kazakh-Russian anthology of young writers texts (2016), Russian-Italian almanac «Rainbow» (2015, 2017, 2018), anthology «Russian Poetic speech 2016», «Anthology of short prose 2015», Snob, Text.Express etc.

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