Gala Uzryutova Turned around, and there was a forest. Poems - Moscow.: Russian Gulliver; Contemporary Literature Center, 2015


The author was named a laureate of the special poetry prize of the Russian Gulliver Publishing House (2014) with this book 

Song, imploration, prayer. Not stylization, not imitation, but exactly the re-creation of the genre from the today material. Gala goes to the forest, listens to the songs of the forest there and then comes back. The place of return is not determined. Spain? Portugal? Helsinki Airport? Simbirsk? Sestroretsk? (...) 

Intonation is the key word for understanding the poetics of Gala Uzryutova. The figurative structure of the poems of Uzryutova is not speculative, but physiological.

(The poet and editor Vadim Mesyats, from the book preface)

Gala Uzryutova's poems are driven by the pre-verbal space (...) They seem to have grown out of nature, they are completely free from the task of "language exercises"; her poems are the sounds that the author picks up like an antenna (perhaps, Gala overhears?) and which line up in words, as if choosing the clothes they need. And the words, in turn, line up in a free verse size. Moreover, the tempo, rhythm, sound power, and poem breathing frequency change - as if corresponding to the speed of human movement, the acoustic reaction to leafy noise, the splash of the stream, the voices of people, birds, animals and insects. The beginning of each poem is a sound that connects with another sound, the third, the fourth into something meaningless-musical (...). The author's speech is surprisingly liberated - which, I think, comes from the peculiarities of the folk dialects (Uzryutova lives in Ulyanovsk, that is in the Simbirsk province).

(From a review of literary critic Emil Sokolsky)


The snow I missed. The collection of short prose. Publisher Bookscriptor, Moscow., - 2018


The book is the winner of the Literary award Bookscriptor 2018


Natalia Lomykina,

literary critic, Psychologies


The prose writer's talent is easily verified by the story. A novel weaknesses can be hidden behind the plot and size, and the story is merciless. Does the author have a story? Did he find the right words? Do the heroes look alive? The answers are right here, immediately. Gala Uzryutova is a writer. “The snow I missed” is a bright and promising prose debut. The epigraph "Dedicated to the father" defines the theme - Gala had a solid and strong collection of complex, sometimes painful relationships between fathers and children. In small stories, sketches Uzryutova manages to show a lifetime, and this is the most valuable quality of the writer. When in the debut prose collection of a young author you meet stories that turn over your soul, the name of the writer should be remembered.

Tatyana Naumova, telegram channel Knigochervivost

From the stream of consciousness to the staccum speech of the old man - the prose collection of Uzryutova is surprisingly polyphonic, each story is special, not like the others, and it sounds sincere. A person faces the most terrible - with loneliness - and overcomes it with the help of some ridiculous things: ants, a pink pom-pom, a red bucket, meat, because all of them are talismans, reliably guarding love.


Sasha Country. Young Adult. KompasGuide Publishing House, Moscow, - 2019

   The book is being filmed by the film company Vega Film. Filming took place in 2021 (director, screenwriter - Yulia Trofimova; actors - Mark Eidelstein, Evgenia Gromova, Maria Matsel, Daria Rumyantseva, Dmitry Endaltsev, etc., director of photography - Yegor Povolotsky, production designer - Sasha Antonova, producers - Katerina Mikhailova (Vega Film), Konstantin Fam).


Short-list of The Bookscriptor 2018 Literary Award


   This is a story about a teenager raised by women. While the mother is trying by artificial methods to grow a man out of a boy abandoned by his father, Sasha is trying to figure out who the man is today and what his role is. Things that seem eternal disappear in Sasha Country, full of his own traditions and myths: mom doesn't cook cutlets on Sundays, because he is a vegetarian; he is no longer afraid of meat market sections or ghosts under the bed; even Michael Jackson, whom he imagined to be the perfect father, suddenly died. And then Sasha meets a person who makes a real revolution in his country.

From a book blogger Your.owl review, translated by Mark Wingrave

   "Sasha Country" is the story about a boy entering adulthood, who knows he doesn't want to be like his father. This book triggers a riot of emotions, not always positive. There's his odd mother who's constantly on the look out for men. She keeps dragging Sasha out on dates, has stopped cooking chops on Sundays- they've gone vegetarian, and what's more this fine woman has a drink problem. She also has a great friend, who is doing her best to destroy her life. To tell the truth, I felt like strangling her. Then there's the girl Sasha tries not to offend but does anyway. Can he redeem himself?
  "Sasha Country" reads like a diary, navigating the fraught terrain of adolescence common to everyone. All those raw emotions. Sasha's anxieties were once mine. Alive and kicking. Books like these will always occupy a special place on my bookshelf.

Gala Uzryutova Canadian Poetry book cover translated by Canadian poet Stuart Ross and the
Gala Uzryutova Canadian Poetry book cover translated by Canadian poet Stuart Ross and the

Gala Uzryutova. All the names are occupied, but one is vacant. - Poetry translated in English by Canadian poet Stuart Ross and the author. – Proper Tales Press, Canada, 2021